Product code: Fluxline

Product Overview

Suitable for both our glass and acrylic flow tubes, Fluxline meters provide a safe and resistant solution for various applications. A high impact resistant polycarbonate cover surrounds the glass tube in our Safety Housed frame, protecting it from accidental damage. Flow tubes are also available separately for integration into customer equipment.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low to medium flows
  • Alarm options
  • Plastic or Glass tubes
  • Low pressure drop
  • For panel mounting

Typical Applications

  • General Plant Use
  • Cooling water flow indication
  • Furnace control
  • Purging Services
  • Industrial burner control
  • Gas measurements
  • Liquid measurements

Typical Industries

  • Iron, Steel and Metals Industry
  • OEM
  • Power plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food processing
  • Agricultural


Gas Range 5 cm³/min to 600 L/min (Air equiv.)
Liquid Range 2 cm³/min to 40 L/min (Water equiv.)
Scale Length approx. max. 100 or 140 mm (½", 1")
Accuracy Acrylic: ± 5% FSD, Glass: 2.5% VDI/VDE 3513
Flowrate Reading 'Top' edge of the Float @ middle of the Graduation Line
Temperature Acrylic: 60°C max., Glass: -15°C to 120°C
Connections ½", 1" BSP Parallel Female

Standard Materials

Connections ½": 316 Stainless Steel or Brass, 1": 316 Stainless Steel
Seals Viton or Nitrile
Flow Tube Acrylic or Borosilicate Glass

Other Accessories Available

  • Flowsense Alarm

    Part number: Flowsense

    Part summary: These versatile infrared alarms are suitable for Uniflux & Fluxline frame types of direct reading flowmeters. They can be mounted to existing frames allowing upgrading in situ and can be simply adjusted to any points whether high, low or dual alarms. They offer infra-red detection and are insensitive to background levels. They also detect any power failure offering fail safe use.

  • Flow Tubes

    Part number: Flowtube

    Part summary: Our Flow Tubes are available to buy separately from our units and are used in a large number of OEM applications. At Influx we hold stock of all our standard flow tubes for the most common liquids and gases under normal operating conditions. Details of our standard flow tubes can be found in the flow tube selection tables download on this page. In addition to our standard water and gases scales, we will produce scales to suit specific fluids, units of measure and operating conditions. Please enquire for more details about this service.