Flowsense Alarm

Product code: Flowsense

Product Overview

These versatile infrared alarms are suitable for Uniflux & Fluxline frame types of direct reading flowmeters. They can be mounted to existing frames allowing upgrading in situ and can be simply adjusted to any points whether high, low or dual alarms. They offer infra-red detection and are insensitive to background levels. They also detect any power failure offering fail safe use.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fits Uniflux & Fluxline frame types
  • Adjusts to any point on scale
  • Simple interfacing
  • Selectable output modes
  • Power failure detection
  • Can be retro-fitted
  • Optional power supply/relay module


Supply 12 V DC, 30 mA (24 V DC optional)
Output 2x npn open collector, 150 mA, 24 V DC max.
Cable 3m, screened 4 core
Temperature -5 to 60°C
Order Requirements specify Frame Type & Size

Product comprises of:

  • Fluxline

    Part number: Fluxline

    Part summary: Suitable for both our glass and acrylic flow tubes, Fluxline meters provide a safe and resistant solution for various applications. A high impact resistant polycarbonate cover surrounds the glass tube in our Safety Housed frame, protecting it from accidental damage. Flow tubes are also available separately for integration into customer equipment.

  • Uniflux

    Part number: Uniflux

    Part summary: Uniflux direct reading flowmeters combine versatility, practicality and accuracy for the measurement of gas and liquid flowrates. They are available in standard, compact and long series as well as a range of materials and are suitable for panel or inline mounting. They offer either fine or ultrafine needle control valve options as well as high visibility and ease of installation. A wide range of standard and customised scales are available to meet even the most specific requirements. Please see Glass Tube Selection Table for information on standard flow ranges. Flow tubes are also available separately for integration into customer equipment.

Other Accessories Available

  • FPSU

    Part number: FPSU

    Part summary: The FPSU is an optional power supply and dual relay unit for use with the Influx FIS Flowsense Infrared Alarm Module or other sensors giving an open collector or “volt free” contact output, e.g. reed switches. The unit is able to provide a +12 V DC output and versatile dual relays for use in many control applications. Supply voltage may be set for either 120 or 240 V ac operation.