Firesure Duo FM & LPC

Product code: Duo G / Duo F

Product Overview

Our Firesure Duo-Groove and Duo-Flange flowmeters feature a combined USGPM and L/min tube suitable for both LPC and FM approved installations.

Key Features & Benefits

Single combined l/min and USGPM tube.

  • Suitable for LPC and FM installations.
  • Stable easy to read flow indication.

 Isolation valves at inlet & outlet to indicator.

  • Provides a permanent, safe and secure installation.
  • Allows isolation from main pipe eliminating shocks at pump start up.
  • Air is automatically vented when valves are opened.

Horizontal, inclined & vertical grooved connection.

  • Flexibility in design & site positioning.
  • Compact and simple installation.

Firesure Duo Flange Datasheet

Firesure Duo Groove Datasheet

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