Calibration and Testing

Product code: Calibration

Product Overview

We operate a purpose built flow calibration laboratory, allowing us to realise the highest levels of control and accuracy in flow calibration of variable area / rotameter type flowmeters, fully traceable to National Standards. In this way we are able to ensure that all our products meet the performance requirements of our customers. We are also able to provide an in-house calibration and certification service for flowmeters, fully traceable to National Standards, using our Primary Volumetric or Series Flow calibration facilities.     Please contact us for more information about this service.

In-House Calibration

Types Influx Primary Standard NIST Traceable or Influx Series Traceable
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Range Capability
+ Influx Primary (Volumetric) 5 cm³/min to 50 L/min Air @ ATP
Actual Gas can be used on request
* Influx Series 5 cm³/min to 2000 L/min Air @ ATP
1 cm³/min to 55 m³/h Water @ 20°C
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Accuracy Class Dependent on the Meter being Calibrated
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Typical achieved Uncertainties & Readings for VA Meter under test on Air at Standard conditions
+ Influx Primary 5 Points, Average of 10 Readings: 0.5% of Reading + 0.5% Full-scale
* Influx Series 5 Points x 1 Reading: 0.6% of Reading + 1.5% Full-scale
V.A. Predictions from Air or Water to other Fluids / Conditions an additional Uncertainty of between 0.25% & 1% FSD may apply