AVi Miniature Turbine Meters

Product code: AVi

Product Overview

This high performance low-flow miniature turbine meter provides instantaneous response even at extremely low flows. Featuring photo-electric sensing, the AVi is constructed from chemically inert materials making it suitable for many liquid and trace chemicals. The rotor is near weightless in liquid meaning there is negligible bearing wear. Available in frequency output, the meter offers instantaneous, batch and totalised flow measurement. The rotational speed of the miniature axial flow rotor is sensed by a photo-electric eye, allowing fast and accurate measurement over a very wide range of flows. A voltage output option is also available.  

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low flows
  • Miniature rotor
  • Frequency or analogue outputs
  • Photo-electric sensing
  • Chemically inert materials
  • No wear and maintenance free
  • Ease of installation


Typical Liquid Applications include:

Amyl Acetate Beer Benzene n-Butane Butyl acetate
Cyclohexanone Diesel Ether Fruit Juice Glycerine
Glycol Heating Oil Hydraulic Oil Kerosene Petrol
Silicone Oil Spirits Sodium Silicate Tetrachloride Tolulene
Turpentine Fresh Water Sea Water Wine Vegetable Oil

Please consult us concerning suitability for other liquids.


Flow Range 2 to 220 L/hr
Pulses/Litre (nominal) 15000
Repeatability ± 0.1%
Max. Design Pressure @ 20°C 8 bar g
Max. Design Pressure @ 60°C 5 bar g
Connections 10 mm OD
Output Pulse
Power Supply 5 V @ 25 mA
Electrical Connection Flying lead


Body Nylon
Rotor & Bearing Acetal, Tungsten Carbide